Asap Global Ltd was founded by a group of professionals and specialists in company formation in Cyprus. Our team is 100% dedicated to its clients and until today it has managed to keep all of its clients satisfied by providing 1st class services at very competitive prices. We guarantee fast and prompt corporate services; services that are tailored to the demands and needs of our clients.
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Cyprus Companies and Corporation tax

We can offer solutions to your needs combine CyCo with other jurisdictions. Also we can provide you with different scenarios based on your group or companies structure.

Some common International structures used through CyCo is:

  1. Holding Company structure – a CyCo is the owner or partial owner of a Non-EU or EU company. it is widely used for better tax planning on dividends and no tax in the future on sale of shares of the subsidiary.
  2. CyCo Financing Vehicle Company. – The Cyprus Company can be used as Lender to a group of companies with advantages as interest expense is taxable to the Lessee and interest income is taxable in Cyprus as trade income.
  3. CyCo can be registered in any Stock market as a trader. Any profits for such trades are tax free and furthermore no dividend tax if the Beneficial owners are not tax residents of Cyprus.