Asap Global Ltd was founded by a group of professionals and specialists in company formation in Cyprus. Our team is 100% dedicated to its clients and until today it has managed to keep all of its clients satisfied by providing 1st class services at very competitive prices. We guarantee fast and prompt corporate services; services that are tailored to the demands and needs of our clients.
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Cyprus Holding Company

The most common advantage are:
1. Zero withholding tax on dividends received or declared on most of the countries that Cyprus has Tax Trieties (DTT). In Russia the withholding tax is 5% on Dividends paid to CyCo , in Ukraine is 0% and Belarus is 5%. Some restrictions apply to all cases
2. The Beneficial Owner can hide his identity
3. Sale of the shares of CyCo, the mother company, is tax free in Cyprus and in the country that the subsidiary/ies are located and trading. This law is under change in Russia but there is tax solution.